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About Us

  • Founded in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we built the first functioning price comparison platform that offers products from over 200 online retailers. 
  • Key to this are the matching and scoring algorithms we've developed that allow us to structure and assign over five million offers.
  • Since our launch in the beginning of 2015 we have experienced enormous growth.
  • Currently we are working on five successfully launched European markets and our soon-to-be-launched markets that will follow in 2016 and 2017.

Open Positions



Business Development


Why you should join StyleLounge

Our Company Culture 

you will work in a flat hierarchy and in direct cooperation with the founders, you will see quick decisions and a dynamic, feedback-oriented management style

Our Team Events

we get together after work, for canoe tours, group challenges and frequent parties

Our Team Spirit 

you will work in a young, dynamic, motivated and international team that shares the passion for building a great company

Our Product 

you will have the opportunity to contribute to, build and develop our innovative product, the soon-to-be largest fashion marketplace and metasearch in Europe

Our Trust in You 

you will have the chance to take over responsibility from day one by handling challenging tasks so that you will take home many learnings and personal development for sure 

Our Office 

you will work in a modern workplace in a prime location in Hamburg city with lots of restaurants, cafes and bars around 

Our Benefits 

you will enjoy sponsored team events, free drinks in the office, weekly fruit baskets and flexible working hours

Our Experience 

you will work with an experienced

management team, the founders themselves have founded or worked 

for successful players in diverse markets such as Dreamlines, Bier-Deluxe or Goodgame Studios

Our Security 

you will work with committed investors who have probably the highest success rate among the German company builders, investors who already founded several business leaders such as Zalando, Finanzcheck, Casamundo, Dreamlines or HomeToGo 

Our Growth 

you will experience a company constantly growing over 20% per month = that's why we're looking

for great people to join our team, that's why we're looking for you!


Our Management Team

Kay Schlaaf       (CEO)

Guido Lange         (CMO & MD)

Alexander Thiel   (CTO)

Lucas Wehlmann

(Head of BizDev)


We have a horizontally scalable application consisting of decoupled reactive message-driven microservices written in TypeScript and JS running on node.js in kubernetes-orchestrated containers, continuously tested and integrated using Wercker serving multiple highly scalable, stateless web applications supported by centralized logging and metering.

We develop mostly test-driven. We only support nextgen browsers and use scss, flexbox and BEM. We like functional programming, best practices, design patterns, schema validation, idempotency, thinking about side-effects of things and simplicity. We spend time discussing and implementing the right solutions that allow us to stay scalable and reactive towards growth and changing requirements.

We design our architecture using Lego and a whiteboard.


We truly believe in doing things distributed. No central databases, every service may fail at any time without affecting the others.


All communication between services is done using messages. No synchronous calls (e.g. REST) keep things from being fully decoupled.

Google Startup

We are in Google's Cloud startup program (surge package) with direct access to engineers and architecture workshops with Google.

Find out more at

Business Development

developing and implementing strategies for our new markets 

partner management and CRM

expansion and international consolidation of our partner network

product management and development 

negotiating and developing compensation models with our partners 

sales activities 

Business Intelligence

identification of customers behavioral patterns

analysis of product and user data

building KPI and conversion dashboards

data mining

performance prediction models 

KPI monitoring and forecasts

Online Marketing

data driven performance marketing 

data driven navigation of display ads

Google AdWords

Executing modern online PR by creative storytelling, content marketing and influencer relations

building our StyleLounge brand

working with the latest tools 

developing and implementing online marketing strategies and campaigns

search engine optimization


Corporate Culture

Work Hard

Many StyleLoungers joining our company say that they admire the funny, easy and trustful atmosphere at StyleLounge. The reason for that is the high priority of work for everyone around here. We do everything possible to deliver great work. Every StyleLounge employee could easily find several other, way more relaxed jobs. We are here because we want to be part of something that is on its way to be one of the fastest growing companies in the world. That is because StyleLounge will target billions of people worldwide. It is a great opportunity for everyone to be part of this growth. We know that this way is hard and sometimes painful. If you are looking for a more relaxed job, you better do not apply for a job at StyleLounge and join a more boring company. We only employ people who contribute to that spirit. We know that everyone delivers maximum performance. We can rely on every single person working at this company and trust them that they always complete their tasks as good as possible. Therefore, we are more than proud of our team and love it.


Play Hard

Employees who comply with the described characteristics under “work hard” deserve to play as hard (or even harder) after work (sometimes as well during work). We support every idea, plan, wish and suggestion which results in fun and pleasure for the team. Many StyleLoungers are not just colleagues but friends and often spend their free time together. We arrange regular team events or they occur just occasionally in the lounge area or on our balcony.


Improve Everything

Our company is subject to large growth plans. That is why the organisation needs to be stable as well as efficient for the growing number of employees. During your work you should think about everything you do and ask yourself: Is there a way to improve, automate or skip this procedure? Will this still work when we double our size? Our goal is to set up lean and clear processes to enable fast and effective working. 


Be the Team - Communicate and Focus

We can achieve our goals only by collaborating and working together without being hindered by any animosities within the team. We communicate openly and transparently. We trust our employees and believe that the company will benefit if every team member is well informed and knows what people around him/her are doing. Everybody can improve his own work, but improving the work of people around you is even more crucial and valuable.


Hire Great People

For StyleLounge it is all about the team and its employees. We benefit from the intelligence and effort of our employees. The only way to maintain and improve that is to have the highest requirements for our employees. We prefer to have an open position instead of hiring a bad fit for the position. Having people with great skills is one thing, having a great team spirit and an atmosphere where everyone likes coming to work is the other thing. That’s why every applicant needs to fit into our team personally, and we screen their soft skills in every interview.


A-Players hire A-Players, B-Players hire C-Players.

- Steve Jobs